Vastu visit is required of the place or a detailed map is required (can be sent by mail) for vastu/ fengshui. It is based on the study and balancing of sixteen directions, twenty-five tattvas/elements, forty five zones/ devta, thirty two types of entrances, Marma points, detecting and neutralizing geopathic stress, constructive and destructive five element cycle, personal Loshu grid, and creating positive energies for good health, financial growth, harmony and love in relationships, success in difference fields of life like income, education, job, business, health, relations, spiritual growth, harmony and peace.

Specific Description-

Vastu analysis – Rs.11,000.

Choose this if you want to get vastu analysis of your house or office. Vastu analysis can be done from map or site visit. This will reveal all vastu positive and negative zones, geopathic stress points of that place, directional imbalances, energy disturbances etc. This doesn’t include the supply or installation of remedies. Complete vastu remedies installation depends upon number of geopathic stress points, area, the case-study and the site.

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