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Meditation In The Hot Cave Of Manikaran Sahib

 It was an extremely “hot” experience visiting a cool Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh of India. The place Manikaran Sahib is associated with many amazing legends. What amazed me most about this place was that this was the place which first was procured by Manu after the great floods. This was the first place where […]

Swastik Symbol- Important Information

 I hope you know about a quite common sacred symbol called Swastik, which is the symbol of Lord Ganesha. But I am going to reveal you something particularly important about Swastik, which you may not know. To make Swastik work for you, draw it in exactly 6.5-inch square size or 9-inch size. This is what […]

Durlabh Sanyog- Shani Amavas and Surya Grahan- 10 June 2021

About Shanideva and his birth- Shani deva is the god of justice. He delivers the justice to our karmas. He is also called Karma-phal data. We are fearful from Shani deva because he never ignores our bad karmas. He is the son of Lord Surya, born from Chhaya, the wife of Sun god, the shadow […]

Symbol That Fulfils All Wishes

Symbol That Fulfils All Wishes You can desire anything that provides you material prosperity and then do this to make it happen miraculously. First understand the do’s and dont’s and then we will learn the technique. You can manifest anything which is perishable and is matter like money, house, items, garments, books, property, vehicle, child, […]

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