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Triveni Institute of  Divine Science


Triveni Institute of Divine Science is an Institution and Wellness Centre established with a mission to spread the knowledge and research in various types of parasciences and to make it available to humanity in a very easy, approachable and reliable way.

Asato ma sadgamya,

Tamso ma jyotirgamya,

Mrityurmaamritam gamya.


Working of the Wellness Centre and Institute


Our problems and obstacles, whether health or any other life issues, are due to our Sanchita (inherited) Karmas of twelve types namely four ayanas dharma, artha, kaama, moksha in combination with three gunas namely satwa, rajas and tamas, and hence are stored in our 3 main bodies (Physical, Astral and Causal) in the form of electromagnetic energy, positive energy giving good health, negative energy causing blockage, excessive energy causing congestion and less energy causing depletion.


This energy body is spread beyond our physical body. The electromagnetic field of our body in and around us is known as AURA. Aura is normally invisible to eye but a capability to see aura can be developed by us by practice. Also our body is a micro-cosmos which is absolute replica or better say a holographic image of the macro-cosmos. It is functioning just in rhythm with the time and space rhythm of the universe. Parasciences thus, are the study of this cosmos and energy body and its aura and suggesting a cure from root cause level, through nature. Health problems start appearing in energy body approximately 3-10 years ago than it appears in the physical body. So it is always better and easy to treat at the initial stage when health issues start seeding into the body.


How to work upon the problems

We can work upon energy body with systematic approach.

  1. Diagnosis of the problem and its root cause.
  2. Healing or the remedy



Institute provides with the courses and consultation in the following divine sciences and practices.


Tools Available with Triveni Institute of Divine Science-


EFI and MCP  Computerized Aura Photography

To detect health problems, chakra imbalance of body and Vastu imbalance in complexes through twenty filters and rectify scientifically.


Aura of a healer saint                             Aura of a diseased child.


Before and after healing



Vastu balancing

(Negative place before vastu and positive place after vastu)


Vedic Thermal Aura Scanner



It is a battery operated device that can sense the aura (ten chakras and nine planets viz. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu….) of a person, of a place (Geopathic Stress, air negativity and directional imbalance) or of an object (positivity, suitability and compatibility, lost items and missing persons). The scanner has been devised to effectively sense through energy sample provided to it like photograph, hair, nail or saliva. With this exact beneficence/ maleficence and strength of a planet’s energy in percentage (whether a planet is strong or weak) is indicated digitally.

We require-

  • photograph of person
  • map of the place

We have a wide experience on application in Geological surveying and Dowsing for Groundwater and subsurface oil and minerals mining. Courses are commenced here for scanning and dowsing.

Dowsing Pendulum


Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Our laboratory is equipped with computerized equipment to detect health issues of person through analysis of electromagnetic field with detailed report of functioning profile of all body organs, constitution, stress levels and remedial suggestions. Personal presence is required for this analysis.


Astrology/ Jyotisha –


To find out the beneficence/ malicious and strength/ weakness of nine planets, mind, body, soul and related karmas as per study of horoscope or JANAM PATRIKA, we require –


  • Name of the person
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth


Future is predicted according to the Dasha and Transit on the basis of karma theory as a universal law to influence the destiny of a person. Making of, monthly prediction booklet, yearly prediction booklet and for life reading patrikas with detailed remedial suggestions. (online facility also available). It can be supplied in any of two languages – Hindi, English.

Easy and reliable, time tested remedies to reprogram destiny of a person are advised. Some of these are:


  1. Mantras
  2. Energized yantras.
  3. Pyra cards to fill in the missing energies of numbers in the person as per his date of birth checked by Loshu Grid.
  4. Certified laboratory tested and properly energized Gem stone and Rudraksh beads.
  5. Vastu and Feng Shui items to install at house or office.
  6. Beautiful modern style canvas paintings with energization of required energy are supplied.






We require –


  • Name of the person
  • Date of birth


Name and date of birth only is required for Numerological analysis on the basis of Numerological chart, pinnacles, karmic cycles, Divine Triangle, personal month, quarter and year, name checking, spelling change, lucky numbers, loshu grid, filling the missing numbers energies, pyracard making etc.


Easy and reliable, time tested remedies to reprogram destiny of a person are advised.





Vastu visit is required of the place if local or a detailed map is required (can be sent by mail) for vastu/ fengshui. It is based on the study and balancing of sixteen directions, twenty five elements, forty five zones, detecting and neutralizing geopathic stress and creating positive energies for good health, financial growth, harmony and love in relationships, success in difference fields of life like income, education, job, business, health, relations, spiritual growth, harmony and peace.




Dr. Mamta Bansal has authored books “Beginner’s Manual of Astrology” and “Energy Medicine- New age healing”.

A vast literature and research matter is published through e-magazine ‘The Parascience’ and print magazine ‘Astrological Sciences Today’. You can subscribe here.




ART Therapy:

Art is a perfect tool for understanding the underlying subconscious mind issues and their healing. Art in the form of energy painting, mandalas, nature’s elements, sacred geometry etc is a tool to harness universal life force energy and improve the life. This procedure works because it utilizes the way metaphoric processes structure our minds to make a colorful drawing. If you have a problem, your mind holds that problem as one unique structure and one unique metaphor describes that structure. A different problem will have a different structure and a different metaphor. This is essential tool of ART Therapy and Subconscious mind reprogramming. Energy paintings and Mandala art are used to heal and treat.

Tarot Card Reading, playing cards and Angel Cards reading:


Art of predicting through drawing a card and reading of a deck of 78 pictorial cards and get the remedy as well. Angel cards are also used here for reading. E-Mail us to book a Tarot card Reading session.


Crystal Ball Gazing:


A perfect way to develop Ajna Chakra, clairvoyance and predicting through viewing into a crystal ball. A special course of ‘Clairvoyance’ with a blend of spirituality to leap into the past, present and future of oneself and others with a complete technique to rectify is commenced at the institute.






Automatic Writing:



A spiritual state achieved through meditational practice and invocation of a spiritual guide to write for whatever answer you get from them through the connection established with the guide.


Mokshapatt reading

Mokshapatt is an ancient vedic predictive dice game board of snakes and ladders. It was designed and used for spiritual guidance to understand and solve life issues and soul journey. Snakes represent the negative karmas resulting in downfall or struggles or failures, while ladders represent positive karmas that elevates the soul and give success. Each box is seeped with the wisdom from vedas. This technique is helpful in seeking guidance even without date and time of birth known of the seeker. This helps to know about journey of a soul through lives, this life’s profile with the age and karmic journey, creation of karma, aspects of life, evolution of soul, various levels of existence, soul purpose from a vedic perspective, prashna etc.

Polyhedral and cubic dice divination (Astragalomancy)

Dice divination is also called Astragalomancy, is an ancient way of divination for answering a seeker. Rolling of dice intuitively guided by spiritual guides, give a sneak peek into the person’s life and solving the riddles.

Runes reading and healing-


Runes are the letters or the secret symbols of old Germanic/ Nordaic language found in old inscriptions. Word ‘Rune’ literally means secret or whisper.

Runic practice will be helpful in achieving these

  1. Immense visible improvement in self.
  2. Money and prosperity.
  3. Progress on spiritual journey.
  4. Realizations with the karma, self, soul, higher self and creator increase with each activation.
  5. Runes casting is used for divination/ prediction as well as healing.
  6. Past life healing
  7. Karmic healing
  8. Healing all aspects of life like love, friendship circle, financial status, wounds of life, success, fame, magical power, needs of life, desires, goals etc.
  9. Spiritual growth with activation of chakras and awakening of kundalini serpent power.
  10. Protection against every evil or attack.
  11. Balance in physical and spiritual life as well as in emotional phases.
  12. Improvement and development of skills and talents.
  13. Increasing intuition power and psychic abilities

And many more.


Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta healing, Cosmic Healing, Lama- Fera Healing-


Human beings are more than just a physical body. The energy field takes the energy in, the chakras break it down and the meridians distribute it throughout the body. The energy of our physical body, our thoughts, emotions, and our spiritual centre, all vibrate at a certain frequency within the visible range of VIBGYOR. All these healing modalities work on energy body and heal at all levels. Specific and much magnified healing with the variety of crystals is our specialization.




Crystal therapy sessions




Kaalchakra healing/ DNA Engineering



Ø Repair DNA

Ø Release pastlife debts and curses

Ø Improvise Karma

Ø Change Destiny


 Universal life is working as per the Theory of Cause and Effect. Our karmas (thoughts, emotions, spoken words, actions) are encrypted in our DNA in the form of Chitragupta. ie. Secretly encoded Visuals. There are curses and debts from past life that hinder our achievements and success, make our life miserable.  Repairing and reprogramming of DNA seed-codes is achieved through vedic procedures by accessing the Kaalchakra- the eight petal lotus, in this very special healing course that results in improved destiny by removing the curses and debts and evil coding from DNA.


Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming- NLP-

Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Telepathy, Mesmerization, Mass Mesmerization, Past Life Regression, Future Progression. A guided meditational state is reached to recall the events associated as the root cause of the problem, to get rid of fears and addictions and reprogramming it for a better future.




Bach Flower remedies




The Bach Flower Remedies are 38 plant and flower based remedies. They help you to manage the emotional demands of everyday life, the kind of disease causing feelings. They are the original flower remedies made according to the exact traditions of Dr. Edward Bach.


Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), Emotion empowerment Technique(EET)



The principle behind EFT is that negative emotions can cause disturbances in the body’s energy field. So as to manipulate the body’s energy field and well-being by tapping on acupuncture points while a specific traumatic memory is focused upon.


Accupressure, acupuncture, Sujok, Yoga, Pranayam, Swar Science, Nerve checking:


Imbalance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha as well as Meridians is depicted by nerve checking. Patient is treated by applying direct remedy on the affected part, or through applying pressure or magnets or seeds or needles on related points on hands and feet, supplemented by required Yogic pose, Mudra and Mantra.



Gems, Crystals and Rudraksha



Laboratory tested certified Gems and Rudraksha beads are provided with energization of these as remedy after properly checked their suitability with the help of aura scanner. Requirement is birth details (horoscope) of the person and photograph.



Naturopathy, Herbal and Diet advice


On the basis of person’s life style, routine and deficiencies, health suppliments are suggested. Treatment is based on the diet chart, Ayurveda and Naturopathy techniques of treating with the help of five natural elements like water, soil, heat compress, cold compress, chromotherapy etc.


Access Consciousness through Bars


There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

Each Access Bars session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific Bar being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change.

How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? You could have everything you desire (and even greater!) if you are willing to receive lots more and maybe do a little less! Receiving or learning The Bars will allow this to begin to show up for you.

Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

Intense Meditation programs


There are regular meditation programs conducted at the institute with various spiritual discourses and practices through meditations for a quality life.






Hawan and Jap- Anushthan Facility


Japa, chanting and yagya is performed by well educated, dedicated and experienced Pandits.










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