Swastik Symbol- Important Information

 I hope you know about a quite common sacred symbol called Swastik, which is the symbol of Lord Ganesha. But I am going to reveal you something particularly important about Swastik, which you may not know.

To make Swastik work for you, draw it in exactly 6.5-inch square size or 9-inch size. This is what everybody ignores. Generally, it is made as per the space available on which it is to be drawn. You must take a ruler to measure and here approximation does not work at all. This is because, energy can generate or stay in a sacred geometry only. You can call it a yantra. And every type of energy has its own different kind of yantra.

Yes, Swastik removes all obstacles and ward off negative energy. Yes, it has the power to invoke Lord Ganesha. But it is possible only if it is drawn with the correct size. Or even if you are buying a metallic one even then please look for the correct size only. Single Swastik of 6.5-inch or 9-inch size only can generate abundant positive energy. You can draw it in the pooja thali, on or above the main door, on any wall or basically wherever you need the positive balanced energy.

You can learn the right process of drawing a Swastik here-

you can watch the article here-

*Happy Learning*

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