Family Dynamics Analysis of Shri Amitabh Bachchan Family

Bachchan family has always been a respectable and elite class family. Big B has secured his unshakable throne in the film industry by name “Mahanayak of the Century”. Mrs. Aishwarya has seen the peak of success and achievement of Miss World crown as well as in films. Comparable to their success, Mr. Abhishek Bachchan could not yet achieve that mark. However, in the race of achievements, Mrs. Jaya Bachchan seems to behave completely matured, passive and composed. People have high hopes from little angel Aradhya for big achievements and success.

Let us analyse their numbers ruling their karmic connection with each other and see what family dynamics reveals to us about their mutual relationships. Here are numbers tabulated for all of them based on their date of birth available.

Below is given a brief calculation method of these numbers from date of birth.

Date of birth to be written in this format- dd/mm/yyyy

Soul number– sum of digits in date dd and reduced to single digit.

Karma number– sum of digits in month mm and reduced to single digit.

Attitude number– sum of digits in date dd and month mm and reduced to single digit.

Gift number– sum of last two digits in year and reduced to single digit.

Pathway number– sum of digits in year yyyy and reduced to single digit.

Life path number– sum of all digits in full date of birth ddmmyyyy and reduced to single digit.

First NameDate Of BirthSoul NumberKarma NumberAttitude NumberGift NumberPathway NumberLife Path

Now showing the Loshu Grids for all of them here. These are prepared by writing the existing numbers in a date of birth in a standard Loshu grid.

Standard Loshu Grid-


The empty spaces are called missing numbers. However, if any of soul number or life path number or both are the amongst the missing numbers, then they are also added in the grid for the purpose of study. Here I have added them in a green colour to mark the difference. But if they are being repeated with already existing numbers, then they are not written to avoid confusion.

Loshu Grid for Shri Amitabh Bachchan-


Loshu Grid for Mrs. Jaya Bachchan-


Loshu Grid for- Mr. Abhishek Bachchan-


Loshu Grid for Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-


Loshu Grid for Ms. Aradhya-

4 2

With an overview, all the family members are showing various patterns of similarity. That is where we need to analyse for their mutual karmic connections. Although this study is very deep and has a vast scope of analysis, we are limiting it to discuss the family dynamics only with respect to karmic lessons.

Completion of any one plane out of eight planes in the Loshu Grid ensures the success through that attribute. However, more than one plane complete indicate the multi-level talent, riches and success. While missing numbers show the lack or incapability in learning lesson related to that number.

Jaya, Aishwarya and Aradhya do not have any of planes complete in their date of births. But Aishwarya gets her two planes complete after her learning of lesson of number 5 which is her life path number. So, she had to do hard work and a struggle to learn her life path initially of being extrovert, convincing, adventurous, presentable, and creating her first public image. Once that established and her journey brought her success and achievement in her field by becoming number one and unfolding the energies of her soul number and gift number 1.

Aradhya completes her one Loshu grid plane after getting rid of karmic debt of number 16/7. So, she needs to learn spirituality, humility, and grounding by overcoming her ego to unfold the success. This attribute, she will have to learn from her grandfather Amitabh who has same pathway 16/7. After repaying his karmic debt of number 16, he achieved energy of number 7 which came to Abhishek as attitude number, means already learnt in early life.

Jaya however do not complete any plane of success. But one thing very peculiar is noticed in the Numerology Chart of Abhishek and Jaya that they both share many core numbers as well as complete each other’s Loshu Grids. So, they share a special bonding with each other, and they complete each other’s world. Jaya found her success and life complete with the bonding she shares with her Son Abhishek.

Jaya shares lot of number 4’s with Abhishek. Which is all about creating boundaries around themselves, investing into emotional satisfaction, lacking communication and stand for themselves. Jaya shares number 9 with Aradhya, which is anger on an immature stage but humanity and charity on the developed stage. No other family members have these numbers, so they stand out in personality, behaviour, and achievements.

Aishwarya and Aradhya have karma number 11/2 which is a divine master number, which is about learning to handle relationships and value them above other chores of life. They will have to learn this ability from Amitabh who shares this number as his soul number means he already has learnt this in previous life and masters the ability to handle relationships easily. For them life partner is a divine angel and God’s messenger whom they value and respect a lot. This number changes to 2 in Abhishek as karma number and pathway number and he must understand this law of relationships to unfold his success.

Aishwarya shares soul number and gift number 1 with Amitabh which is his karma number and life path number (19/1).  The energy and quality of being number one is, being independent, being self-centred, egoistic, decision makers, head, initiators and establishing themselves as leaders and role models. This Aishwarya already had learnt from past life and would have achieved before meeting Amitabh, whose all life is focused and targeted to achieve this energy in this life as karma number and life path number.

However, 19 number is a karmic debt number which is about trust, share and help. So, Amitabh’s success and achievement was subjected to learning of sharing resources, helping others, taking help from others, and trusting them as well as creating their trust in himself. No other family member shares this number so that indicates that others will not be able to reach up to the same mark as Amitabh and Aishwarya or better understanding is that others do not have same life path and same destiny. But to achieve same success, they must follow other paths. I wish Bachchan Family a great time ahead.

You can watch the explanation here-

“Happy Learning”

Author- Ms. Nazuk Gupta

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