Deal Between Hanuman ji and Shani deva

This is a story from Ramayana, when Hanuman ji went to Lanka in search of Devi Seeta. He made himself very small so that nobody can see him. This way he roamed in whole palace and city to understand the layout and strategy. There he saw Shani deva in the prison of Ravana. Shani deva was bound in chains and was in a miserable state.

Hanuman ji proposed him to deal. Hanuman ji said that he would set Shani deva free and in deal he would have to help in his venture. Shani deva agreed and was set free. The moment Shani deva came out of bondage, he said that their power together can burn down the city of gold into ashes. He also thanked Lord Hanuman and prayed to get exalted in his house. Lord Hanuman accepted that but told that although he is grateful, but Shani deva will have to remain debilitated in his house.

You all must be knowing already that Hanuman ji then burnt the gold city of Lanka in fire. But what you may not be knowing is the great Astrological principle behind this incident. Mangal and Shani conjunction or mutual aspect is responsible for fires. Also, that Shani gets debilitated in Mesh (Aries) i.e. The sign of Mangal and Mangal gets exalted in Makar (Capricorn), the sign of Shani.

You can watch it in Hindi here-

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