The Money Magnet- Pyrite and Metallic Cubes

How does Pyrite work as a money magnet?

To have abundance of money and prosperity, you can keep pyrite rock in the North-east, North-west or Southwest. Pyrite is a cubic structure natural rock crystal that looks like gold cubes so it is also called ‘Fool’s Gold’ or ‘Pseudo Gold’.

Metaphysically, cube in the 3-D form and square in the 2-D form is the yantra for prithvi tattva and root chakra. Golden colour works mainly for the enhancement of metal element of Vastu and Feng-Shui. So Pyrite performs like a perfect money magnet.

Healing and remedies with Pyrite-

It is associated with zodiac sign Leo, artha trikona 2, 6, 10 houses, and 1, 3, 4 and 5 numbers of numerology. Sun is the ruler of Leo sign and number 1, Jupiter rules number 3, Rahu rules number 4 and Mercury rules number 5. Any kind of flaws of Leo sign, Sun planet or 5th house and Solar Plexus Chakra are cured by using it with healing and mantras or keeping energized piece of it. e.g. problems with progeny, memory, speech, relationship problems due to ego, government related problems, growth in spirituality, money, business, name fame, authority or power related issues, promotion issue, digestion problems, stomach and spleen related problems, bones, weakness, depression etc. can be worked upon well.

So if you have 1, 3, 4 and 5 numbers in your numerology chart playing important role or you have imbalanced energy of these numbers in your numerology chart, means if these are excess or missing numbers, or you are Leo by Sun sign or Moon Sign, or Leo sign or Sun or Mercury or Jupiter is falling in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses of astrology horoscope, then you definitely need pyrite stone.

Pyrite works for money by balancing lower three chakras i.e. By removing obstacles on the way, providing support, bringing useful and helping people and providing a kick start. Pyrite provides shield against any kind of negativity, evil eye and psychic attack. So it is a powerful stone that protects on physical, emotional, energy and karmic level from negative or evil energy effect. This is one of the favorite stones of meditators as well. Pyrite is best stone to facilitate grounding. It boosts the stamina and mental strength as well i.e. Atmabal and Manobal.

Pyrite transforms our thinking towards the world. Law of the universe is, if you continue to do the same things and in same way, you will get the same results. Therefore, if you want to achieve different and better outcome, Pyrite will help you to change your action plan and vision for the better world.

How to use Pyrite for healing?

You can keep the rock piece of at least one kilogram with developed cubes of pyrite clearly visible. You can also wear pendant, bracelet or ring of Pyrite. You can keep idols of gods and angels made of Pyrite in your altar for prayers and healing.

Mantras and affirmation to energize Pyrite-

*Please note*: all mantras given below are to be recited to energize pyrite stones-

Om simha rAshaye namah.

Om hrAm hrEm hraum sah sUryAye namah.

Om grAm grEm graum sah gurve namah.

Om shreem namah.

After reciting these mantras 108 times, say this affirmation 21 times-

“I am persistent, assertive, polite, balanced and harmonious. I choose to get healed, receive wisdom, love and money in abundance.”

Related symbol- The Metallic Cubes

Or you can install symbol in the form of painting with cubic pattern on colour combinations related to Earth and Metal elements. Click on the link below to know more or buy.

If this painting is fascinating you and if you are interested in viewing the making process of this painting, then you can watch it here-

About author-

Mr. Sameer Bhatia is a Crystal Therapist and a crystal trader and works through his company ‘Incentric’. He is working in this field since 2013. You can approach him for crystals and healing at- +91 8287212825

Mail id-

You can watch it here-

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