Symbol That Fulfils All Wishes

Symbol That Fulfils All Wishes

You can desire anything that provides you material prosperity and then do this to make it happen miraculously. First understand the do’s and dont’s and then we will learn the technique.

  1. You can manifest anything which is perishable and is matter like money, house, items, garments, books, property, vehicle, child, pets or domestic cattle, ornaments etc., not the things like relations, emotions, knowledge, happiness, devotion, job, business, status etc.
  2. You should manifest within the need of your life, not for the greed.
  3. Faith in God accelerates and ensures the fulfilment.
  4. Faith in yourself and believing that you deserve that, is the key to start the process.



You are to draw below shown symbol of ‘Fehu’ on right hand ring finger’s upper most phalange (Prithvi tattva). Fehu is a Runic symbol, which is a very powerful manifestion symbol from ancient culture of Old Germanic- Nordaic people. You can use turmic paste or golden colour pen or marker to draw it.

If you don’t want to use any of these then just draw by the thumb of right hand (Agni tattva) or middle finger of left hand (Akash tattva) on the right hand ring finger upper phalange. If you are drawing with the help of turmeric paste or golden pen, then do every day continuously for 21 days. Mentally say your prayer 21 times every day. If you are not taking any writing material, just writing invisible by other finger, then draw 21 times every day, each time saying prayer along with.

It takes even less than five minutes to do so but believe me it can do wonder. It can get you all that you wish for.

You can watch the process in details here-

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