Healing The Antahkarana

Healing the Antahkarana

In this age of no time for long and complicated processes of healing, everybody is searching for a shortcut to heal on wider aspects of life without introspecting the karmas. Such a wonderful process is healing of Antahkarana, which helps to resolve karma on multi levels. But let’s first understand what is Antahkarana and then we can proceed to how to heal Antahkarana and the after effects of this healing.

What is Antahkarana?-

Antahkarana is a Sanskrit word made up of Antah + Karana, which means inner instrument or organ of consciousness, the seat of thought and feeling. In simple terms it is the gut or the zameer. It is the link between Jeevatma and Paramatma, which acts like a bridge for navigation between the two.

In Vedāntic literature, this antaḥkaraṇa is organised into four parts.

  1. Ahamkara (the ego) – it is identified as the Atman (self) with the body as ‘I’.
  2. Buddhi (the intellect) – it is the discrimination power and controls decision making.
  3. Manas (mind) – it controls our will, desires and karma inputs.
  4. Chitta (memory) – deals with remembering and forgetting, and sanskaras.

Antaḥkaraṇa is the entire psychological process, composing various mind levels, working together as a whole.

Benefits of Antahkarana healing

So healing Antahkarana, will heal on all these four levels. It heals the connective knot of atman and mind. It heals the sankskaras reflecting bad habits, belief patterns etc. Memory gets sharpened. Brain is blessed by enhanced intelligence. Its critical filter works in terms of filtering the input signals in a better way to curb the encrypted bad karmas. Most importantly, it connects the atman to the Ishta Deva and helps downloading the divine guidance in better way. Since it is a connecting bridge, it heals the karmic cords between people.

Antahkarana symbol healing-

The Antahkarana is a multi-dimensional symbol but in two-dimension drawing it looks like hexagon with three 7’s inside a circle just like a Celtic Triskele symbol. While it gives an effect of revolving cube around one of its diagonals when seen in 3-d. This evolution in form of sacred geometry helps the consciousness to access the higher self.

It is very ancient symbol and have been found in use in various spiritual sects. My Reiki-3 students, first time meditating on this symbol, have narrated almost similar experiences of entering in the rhythm and space of macro-cosmos and connecting to their higher self and Ishta deva while doing Antahkarana healing meditation.

Varieties of Antahkarana symbol-

  1. Cross Grid Antahkarana-

2. Square Grid Antahkarana-


Antahkarana square is the grid arrangement of 16 symbols in a 4×4 grid pattern. It is a great creator power that converts all manifestations into reality. This grid is best tool for grounding and getting what you want.

3. Male and Female Antahkarana-


However male (yang) and female (yin) versions with not much difference have been given by many masters, but in my meditations, the symbol giving feeling of anticlockwise rotation, is a yang symbol and it flips along a vertical axis to give mirror image rotating clockwise to give a yin symbol. Yang symbol works better for yang chakras, direct, intense and penetrating energy, acute problems etc. while yin symbol works better for yin chakras, gentler, relaxing, nurturing energy, and chronicle issues.

Various techniques of Antahkarana healing-

Now let’s understand the various ways in which Antahkarana symbol can be used for healing.

  1. Performing tratak and meditating on this symbol is the prime way of getting maximum blessings.
  2. This symbol is universal spiritual symbol and can be used by anybody without attunement.
  3. While all the above mentions healing processes like cord healing, four levels of Antahkarana healing, enhancing intelligence, karma filteration, controlling the inputs from five senses, to get rid of addictions and bad habits, reprogramming the critical filter of subconscious mind, fighting any kind of disease, connecting to the higher self and ishta deva, divine guidance are facilitated by visualizing this symbol during healing process.
  4. Prints of this symbol can be placed in goal manifestation crystal healing grid. It can be carved or painted on the crystals or items used for healing.
  5. Prints can also be installed at various places requiring healing, below mattress, on study table, in seat cushion for asana, or any other place with vastu flaws.
  6. Symbol print or drawing can be kept in purse or wallet to attract more money.

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