Goddess Saved Her Devotee- A True Story

This is a true story from my childhood memories. I was of around 4-5 years age when this incident was narrated to me by my neighbor. My neighbor was a widow whose only son, with his wife, had settled in another state of India for his business. That family was devotees of Goddess Durga. Once son had kept Devi Jagaran (overnight kirtan worship) at his house.

He was facing losses and problems in business already but got the news of a great loss during that night of jagaran was going on. He didn’t had enough money even to pay off to the bills of that night jagaran. He never shared his problems with anybody, nor the wife. “What will happen in the morning?” that unknown feeling trapped him into the suicidal mentality. He moved towards his room and thought of committing suicide there.

Just before he was to enter the room, a small girl of around 5 years was standing. She was wearing a red dupatta. He while passing by, bowed to her, touched her feet and moved into the room. He locked the door from inside and looked for something to hang himself. But what happened there was only a miracle. He saw bundles of notes spread on the bed. He got confused and rushed towards his wife. She told she didn’t know anything about any money. He was truly blessed by Goddess herself and Goddess Durga saved her devotee. Who kept that money there? Who came to know about his no-money situation? He could not find out that even later.

“Om aim hrEm clEm chAmundAyaie vichchai.”

Jai Mata Di!

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