Durlabh Sanyog- Shani Amavas and Surya Grahan- 10 June 2021

About Shanideva and his birth-

Shani deva is the god of justice. He delivers the justice to our karmas. He is also called Karma-phal data. We are fearful from Shani deva because he never ignores our bad karmas. He is the son of Lord Surya, born from Chhaya, the wife of Sun god, the shadow of his wife Sanjna or Sangya. So he is also called Chhayaputra.

The day of Jyeshtha Amavas is the day dedicated to Lord Shani as day of his birth. There was a solar eclipse on the day of Shanideva birth too. This is a rare combination occurring on 10th june 2021. So it is considered very auspicious for worship of Shani deva and praying for forgiveness for our bad karmas. He is dark complexioned because his mother Chhaya did severe Penance of Lord Shiv during pregnancy. Therefore, Lord Shani is also a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Crow is his vahana. He holds Trishool, bow and arrow in three of his hands and blesses the devotees by his one hand.

Name Shani means ‘gold’, while the name Shanaishchara means who walks slowly, as he takes approx. 29 years to complete circle around Sun, which the highest time taken among all navgrahas.

Why to worship on Shani Amavas?

  1. For getting rid of sufferings from Shani dasha, antardasha, shani dosha, Shani Sadesati and Dhaiyya.

Shani Dosha occurs when the Shani or Saturn, which is a malefic planet is placed in the shubh bhavas in one’s natal chart, or Surya, Chandra or Mangala is placed in 10th or 11th houses in the horoscope.

People who are born with Chandra in Dhanu, Makara or Kumbha, presently their sadesati is running. While people born with their Chandra in Mithuna rashi or Tula Rashi, presently have their dhaiyya running.

2. This day is marked for Pitri Devas worship also and removes Pitri Dosha.

3. Shanideva is significator of profession (karma). Worshipping on this day helps one to come out of financial problems and debts and results in career development and business improvement.

4. He is badhakesh (planet of obstacles) for Mesha (Aries) and Vrisha (Taurus) signs, so whichever area of life in your chart is controlled by Mesha and Vrisha rashis, Shani will put obstacles in that area of life. To removes these obstacles, one should worship Shanideva on this day.

5. Lord Sun never liked him and used to always neglect him. Because Shanideva was born with dark complexion and the day Lord Shani was born (Amavas), his father Lord Surya was eclipsed for the first time. So once when Lord Surya insulted Shanideva, he got furious. He casted cruel gaze on Surya. His mere gaze burnt Surya to black complexion. At that time, Lord Shiva healed Surya. Shanideva’s drishti is well known to cause misery. His mere seeing the baby Ganesha, got Ganesha beheaded. Which later was revived by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as per the story. So worshipping lord Shiva on this day, protects and heals one from Shani drishti effects.

6. Shanideva protects from evil eye, black magic and psychic attacks.

7. Devotees get rid of diseases and any threat to longivity. Because Shanideva is Ayush Karaka and significator of three trik bhavas 6th, 8th and 12th houses in horoscope. Therefore, protecting from rhin, rog, shatru (debts, diseases, enemies).

8. If anybody has been cheated or being treated badly by someone, he should pray to lord Shani for the Justice.

How to please Shanideva-

  1. Keeping fast on this day purifies us.
  2. Worshipping him in the Banyan tree or Peepal Tree. Offer water to these trees on this day and do parikrama.
  3. Worshipping lord Shiva and performing Rudrabhishekam is the best way to get rid of Shani related sufferings.
  4. Wake up early in the morning on the Shani Amavasya day and take bath by adding some sesame seeds in water.
  5. Offer blue flowers to Shanideva and light lamps of mustard oil. 
  6.  Make a meal of urad dal khichdi and feed the hungry people.
  7. Clean your home and get rid of all the waste material that is not used for long time or is not usable any more.
  8. Visit Shani temple and offer mustard oil, black lentils, black sesame seeds etc. to Shanideva. You can do Shani abhishekam with oil or do Shani shanti pooja.
  9. If you are looking forward to promoting your business or looking forward to expansion of your services, then you can get five grams of black Surma (a type of kohl) and bury it into the ground.
  10. Fill ant holes with jaggery and flour.
  11. Donate to orphanage or old age home.

Mantras and prayers to get blessing of Shanideva

Mool mantra of Shanideva-

“Om sham shanaishcharAye namah.”

Beej mantra of Shanideva-

“Om PrAm PrEm Praum Sah ShanaishchrAye Namah.”

Dhyana mantra of Shanideva– Mantra from Rishi Vedvyasa Krit Navagraha Stotram-

“Om nilAnjana samAbhAsam, Raviputram yamAgrajam,

ChhAyAmArtanda sambhutam, Tam namAmi Shanaishcharam.”

Gayatri Mantra for Shanideva-

“Om shanaishchrAye vidmahe,

ChhAyAputrAye dhimahi,

tanno Mandah prachodyAt.”

“Om krishnAngAya vidmahe,

RaviputrAya dhimahi,

tanno Saurih prachodyAt.”

Prayer for getting rid of Shani related sufferings-

“Suryaputro deerghadeho vishAlAkshah Shivapriyah,

DeerghachArah prasannAtmA peedAm hartu me Shanih.”

You can watch it here-

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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