Shri Koorma Day- 26th May, 2021.

The day of Vaishakh poornima is also celebrated as Shri Koorma Avtara day of lord Vishnu. It happened before the spiritual event of Samudra Manthan. He acted as the base of Mandhara Parvata used for Manthan. It is most important here to note that for this purpose to fulfil, goddess Lakshami also joined his turtle form in the form of Shriyantra. So for pleasing Lakshami, it is preferred to worship sriyantra at the back of Turtle form of Lord Vishnu.

Shri Koorma avtara is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu associated with planet Saturn, also called Kachchhap Avtara. So worship of Shri Koorma is performed for getting rid of evil effects of Saturn in life.

kUrma chakra is a unique and important way of analyzing astrology and vastu. Without which jataka, Vastu as well as mundane predictions and remedies are futile.

It is a hexagonic shaped, located at the base of spine, at mooladhara to support merudanda and is activated before any spiritual activation or propitiation (samundara manthana). Mantras are-

Om Kum KUrmAya Namah.

Om Am shrEm hrEm kum kUrmAya namah.

Om namo bhagwate akUparAya.

Om hrEm kUrmAya vAstu purushAya swAhA.

You can watch it here-

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