Ma Baglamukhi Jayanti- 20 May, 2021

Goddess Baglamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya amongst Dashmahavidya (ten great wisdoms) forms of goddess Shakti, also known as Maa Pitambara or Brahmastra Vidya. She has a golden complexion with yellow dress and having moon on the head. She blesses the worshipper for defeating enemy (inner and outer enemies both), winning legal cases, fights and competitions, debates etc. She blesses with stambhana Shakti by which enemies get frozen or say stop doing harm. By worshipping the Goddess Baglamukhi, devotees can protect themselves from black magic and psychic attacks. She blesses the worshipper with powers to hypnotize others and self- control over senses.

Goddess Baglamukhi Jayanti is celebrated on Shukla Ashtami of Vaishakha month that generally falls in April or May. This year it is going to be celebrated on 20th May 2021.

‘Bagla’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘bride’, meaning the Devi was named Baglamukhi because of her beautiful looks are glorious like a bride. She is three eyed. Although she is depicted by human head but she is also depicted to have a head of crane in her vedamurti form. She is adorned by a garland of yellow flowers and decked with yellow (golden) ornaments. The golden throne of Devi Baglamukhi is studded with jewels and the Devi destroys enemies by riding on it. The name Baglamukhi also means the one who has a firm hold of the tongue and can control the mind of an individual. She rides on Bagula (crane) bird, which is associated with Concentration, a pearl of great wisdom.

According to beej akshara shastras, ‘Ba’, the first letter of the name – ‘Bagala’, means ‘Baruni’ or ‘She Who is filled with the intoxicating mood to vanquish the demon’. ‘Ga’, the second letter, means ‘She Who grants all kinds of divine powers or siddhis and successes to human beings’. ‘La’, the third letter, means ‘She Who is the foundation of all kinds of sustaining powers in the world like the earth and is Consciousness Herself’. Her consort is Shiva Maharudra. Her weapon is Cudgel (a short thick stick).

Planet associated with goddess is Mars and thus she removes the Mars related problems especially if Mars is causing marriage problem, legal cases, argues, property problems, accidents or diseases or is acting as Badhakesh (planet of obstacles). Devi is pleased by offering yellow cloths, yellow flowers, turmeric, lamp and coconut. On this day, prayers are performed, japa preferably on yellow turmeric beads rosary, and charity in the form of food and cloths is recommended. Her mantra for praise and worship is –

Om hleem lreem baglAmukhi devyaie namah.


Om Hlreem BagalA-mukhi sarva dushtAnAm vAcham mukham padam stambhay jeevhwam keelaye buddhim vinAshaya hlreem om swAhA.

She is the great Devi bestower of knowledge Brahmastra which is mentioned in many scriptures and was used to destroy the masses like atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb. Her brahmastra stotram is recited to please her for any wishes to be granted.

As per the scriptures in Satyuga, once there were heavy floods and storms that were causing destruction of creation on the earth. All the Devtas then prayed to Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva told that only Goddess Shakti has the power to calm down the storms of nature, so all devtas worshipped goddess Shakti. Immensely beautiful, Goddess Bagalmukhi wearing yellow cloths, then emerged out from the Haridra Sarovar (lake of turmeric) and saved the creation. So, Goddess Bagalmukhi is worshipped to get relief from adversities and evils and thus can protect us from the havoc of Covid-19 too.

Another tale about her valor reveals that once a demon named Madana acquired Vak-siddhi, by which whatever he said came true. He misused it to trouble humans and kill people. The gods prayed to goddess Bagalamukhi. The goddess grabbed the demon’s tongue and immobilized his power. Demon Madana requested the goddess that he be worshipped with her, which was granted.

You can watch it here –

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