Lord Ganesha and Tulasi Devi Connection

Do you know why sacred leaves of Tulasi are not offered to Lord Ganesha?

Om Gan Ganpatye Namah

Lord Ganesha is first worshipped and being the supreme as well as son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, he enjoys the best of offerings always. But he is not offered Tulasi leaves although Tulasi is the most sacred plant in Hindu Culture. According to Shri Ganesha Purana, great sage Soot ji narrates to another great sage Shaunaka, about what Lord Narayana narrated to Narada Muni, about the connection of Lord Ganesha with Tulasi.

Once in Brahma Kalpa (name of time division), Lord Ganesha was meditating on his Ishta deva lord Krishna on the holy banks of Ganga, with a wow of celibacy.

Tulasi devi was a young beautiful daughter of son of Dharma. She was a great devotee of Lord Narayana. She approached meditating Ganesha with the wish of marrying him. Ganesha addressed her as Mother and told about his wow of celibacy for a divine purpose of Gods to fulfil. Inspite of telling her that creating obstacles in someone’s worship or meditation or following dharma of celibacy wow is a sin, she didn’t listened to Lord Ganesha. She felt insulted by rejection and cursed him that He would have to marry against his wish and that he would have two wives.

Lord Ganesha couldn’t stop himself to curse her back. Thus he said that she would have to marry a demon and would turn into a tree. She then prayed to Lord Ganesha and asked for forgiveness. Lord Ganesha is very kind hearted and gets pleased easily. So he got pleased and blessed her with curses converting into boon with time. But he said he will never accept Tulasi in offerings to him because she was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, his Ishta Devta. He gave a boon also to Tulasi Devi that she would achieve success in her Ishta sadhana and surely would be one with lord Narayana and that she would be a great step for devotees/ people to reach to Lord Krishna.

Thus curses and boons fructified, as Tulsi Devi took birth as Vrinda and got married to a demon Shankhachoorha, later named as Jallandhara, who was born with the blessing of Lord Shiva. Later she became the plant Tulasi and got married to Lord Vishnu. For her second curse and boon to fulfil there is an extension to the story. Lord Ganesha incarnated as Mayuresh to cover up with the curse of Tulasi and married Siddhi and Buddhi.

Stories of the Vedic literature are full of cosmic principles and are interpretable in multilayers. Here, it is shown that a girl has freedom to choose a life partner but to explore and respect person’s principles and wishes too.

Secondly, rejecting a girl for marriage when boy himself approaches for sambandha, is a great sin and he has to suffer a curse of Tulasi. They should worship Tulasi to get rid of consequences.

People with Ketu influencing Lagna and marriage bhava or lord or significator of marriage, have to marry against their wish or choice and they are either twice married or have two wives simultaneously. To escape this suffering, they should worship Lord Ganesha as Mayuresh, he who rides on peacock.

It’s a sin to ruin someone’s worship, sadhana or meditation and is considered to be a demonic karma.

Cursing someone without his actual fault, is also a sin and person has to suffer its consequences.

Last but not the least, Tulasi leaves are not offered to lord Ganesha.

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