Get Prosperity By Lemon Remedy- Ekmukhi Nimbu

 Remedy of Ek mukhi nimbu- one faced lemon

-If you want to get rich,

-quickly and without long complicated processes of worship,

-without burning of poverty or struggle giving karma,

-if you want your all dreams/ manifestations to fulfil,

-if you want your any work to complete without obstacles

Then bring a one faced lemon (Ekmukhi nimbu) and enjoy all the prosperity. One faced lemon is not uncommon and can be easily found in the vegetable stores. It is one of the special powerful things, mentioned in the shastras as Ardhanarishwara lemon. There is a single line across the lemon clearly visible.

-buy on Friday preferably in Hora of Venus.

-with the ring finger of Prithvi Tattva, do tilak on the line (face) of lemon with yellow turmeric powder and red kumkum power mixed together and slightly moistened with water.

-burn incense of sandal wood (for money and prosperity) and offer to the Lemon.

-take in palm and pray for what you want. Speak out that affirmation three times.

-keep in the house temple or in locker or a place where you keep money.

-replace it by another when it gets rotten and repeat same process.

You can watch the video here-

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*Happy Learning!*

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