Covid Treatment and Increasing Oxygen Levels by Acupuncture

Covid protocols are working miraculously. These covid protocols dates back to studies done during Spanish flu, Asian flu etc. Those protocols were applied to our patients and worked beautifully based on their symptoms. Oxygen increase points work immediately for some, and 10 minutes or a few hours for others, and some after a day. It works differently on different patients. This protocol also works for asthmatic patients. Oxygen protocols work bilaterally with lung protocols for those whose lungs are affected.

Havoc of Covid-19 virus began in 2019 end and is continued with increasing number of cases all over the world. This disease is giving symptoms like fever, coughing profuse yellow sticky sputum, breathing difficulty, restlessness, body pains, nausea, diarrhea or dry stool, chest pain etc. Its effect on lungs and difficulty in breathing is severe and is resulting in oxygen level decline in patients.

With a view of helping everyone out with the oxygen level increase, certain tested protocols are being given here. The results have been amazingly positive with these protocols. The points given in the pictures are to be given pressure on with hands/ fingers, seeds, or sedate or tone as per instructions with the help of needles or magnets. This is a non-invasive therapy and no side-effects. It is always better to take this treatment from an expert to get the best results in the time of need.

Treatment protocol for enhancing oxygen level instantly-

SP 3, Lu 8, K4, SP 4 are to be toned at original points of the meridians on body according to TCM.

Covid-19 patients are given treatment with following protocol for fast recovery-


LU 1,5,6, P6, GV 14, SP 6,9, LIV 11,4, GB 34, GV 9, CV 9,11, ST 22,28,40,8, UB 22,12,13 – SEDATE

About the author-

Name- Chandan Kumar (TCM Expert)

Qualifications: Diploma in Acupressure, Diploma in Acupuncture, Nutrition, Color therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Organ detoxification, Diploma in Yoga.


Practicing Acupressure since 2007, TCM & Japanese acupuncture since 2013, conducting consultations and classes at Clinic and online as well.

Treatment expertise in- Pain management, Spinal issues, Auto immune disorders, Gynecological issues, all types of mental and  physical problems, Organ detoxification, Nutrition and Diet.

He can be contacted at-

Peehu Arogya Sadan, Kisanganj, Bihar, India

 +91- 7979803428


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