In the Glory of my Gurus

Guru govind doyu kharhe, kake lagun paye,

Balihare guru apne, jina govind diyo milaye.

Dear Readers,

Om Gurubhyo Namah!

I have been constantly experiencing the truthfulness of these words, where guru has higher place to any knowledge, any energy, any god, any devata and any person on this earth. Also that he takes us to the god and to the knowledge whenever we seek and we deserve. So to follow Guru, we pray.

GururBrahmA gururVishnu gururDevo MaheshwarAh,

GurursAkshAt parabrahmA, tasmai shri gurve namah.

Triveni Institute of Divine Science, serving people with the parasciences, has got its birth, name and blessings from Param pujya Shri Triveni Puri Ji Maharaj of Khanna, Punjab, India. I inherited guru bhakti for him by birth and had grown up visiting His Samadhi place (holy shrine) often. He was a siddha by birth as he showed vairagya and Samadhi and many miracles since childhood. Instead of going to school, he was always found in jungle, on the way to school, sitting in Samadhi. Once, after he had completed his under the ground tapasya of six months by consuming only one jau seed once a month, he asked someone in ashram for a matchstick as he wanted to lit fire. That person made a joke and taunted him that he was searching for matchstick even after six months of Samadhi. Maharaja ji, lit the wet wood-sticks by a blow (exhaling breath on wood-sticks).

Triveni Institute grew up with the blessing of Param Pujya Mahamandaleshwar Dhudhadhari ji maharaj of Haridwar, who was a baal-brahmachari, jatadhari, and use to take only milk. His age was unknown as many generations of disciples were seeing Him like that only. Once he told that he want to leave this body after six months and told a specific date and time. Then he left milk too, and for six months he took only Ganga-Jala. At that specific time, he left his body in Samadhi.

I wonder upon my journey into parasciences that started after a vision in which Lord Krishna amusingly told that he would teach me all. Now I get amazed when I look back and introspect into my journey that names of my few teachers of jyotisha and other parasciences were Sh. Narendra Vasudeva, Sh.  Krishna Sharma, Pt. Gopal, Dr. Nand Kishore, Sh. Narayana Datt, Mrs. Radhika etc. and mostly all other teachers were having divine Krishna connection someway if their name was not related to Lord Krishna.

I was lucky to learn from many scholars and experts of various kinds of divine knowledges. But my thirst, hunger for true knowledge got resolved finally and that was a life transforming experience, when I started learning under Rishi Parampara of Sh. Achyutananda ji, direct disciple of Sh. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, from sampoorna jyotisha guru and guide Pt. Sanjay Rath, and his blessed team of gurus Branka Larsen, Visti Larsen and Zeljko Krgovic, again related to Shri Jagannatha and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu avtara.

All para-sciences of the globe emerge and sync with the rhythm and truth of macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos. All the concepts and codes are hidden in Vedic Literature and its various concepts got expansion through various civilizations over the time and space emerging from the same base and same calculations of Astrology, may it be Tarot, Runes, Acupuncture/ Accupressure, Vastu, Ramal, Numerology or any other you explore.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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